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Study of I-F Transformers for Single Sideband Operation

Author: Cohn, George I.
Author: Peach, Lester C.
Corporate Author: Electronics Research Laboratory, Illinois Institute of Technology
Date of Publication: 1960-07
Pages: 84
Contract: DA 36-039-sc-78342
PB Number: PB162764
AD Number: AD0245539
Original AD Number: AD-245 539

Five methods of approximation are presented: (a) Butterworth approximation, (b) Equiripple-in-the-passband approximation, (C) Equiripple-in-the-stopband approximation, (d) Elliptic approximation, and (e) Fourier approximation. For the methods in which design curves can conveniently be used, such as the Butterworth and the 2 Equiripple approximations, these are presented. A flow chart is included with each method to summarize and implement numerical computation. Frequency transformations are presented for converting a filter as a low-pass filter synthesis to any other filter type. Precorrection for losses in reactive elements is presented. This allows realization of networks as lossless networks with dissipative effects considered in advance as perturbations.

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