The goal of the Contrails project is to help preserve and disseminate the technical record of 20th century aerospace research, highlighting in particular the research endeavors of the Illinois Tech community.

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A New Optical Technique for Rapid Determination of Creep and Fatigue Thresholds at High Temperature

Corporate Author: Johns Hopkins University
Date of Publication: 1984-04-01
Report Number: AFWAL TR 84-4028
full text by request

Planetary Missions Performance Handbook: Volume II (3rd Edition): Inner Planets

Author(s): Soldner, John
Corporate Author: Science Applications, Inc.
Laboratory: Earth and Planetary Exploration Division
Date of Publication: 1984-05
full text by request

The Use of Pneumatic Active Suspensions To Improve Lateral Rail Vehicle Ride Quality

Author(s): Hedrick, J. K.
Corporate Author: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Laboratory: University Research Program
Date of Publication: 1984-08-01
Report Number: DOT/OST/P-34/85/020
full text by request

Constitutive Modeling of Engine Materials

Author(s): Wilson, Dale A.
Corporate Author: Pratt & Whitney and Hibbitt, Karlson, Sorensen, Inc.
Laboratory: Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1984-07
Report Number: AFWAL-TR-84-4073
full text by request

Friction and Wear of Solid-Lubricated Contact in Gas Turbine Engine Bearings

Author(s): Gray, Stanley
Corporate Author: Mechanical Technology Incorporated
Date of Publication: 1984-11-01
Report Number: AFWAL TR 84-4143
full text by request