The goal of the Contrails project is to help preserve and disseminate the technical record of 20th century aerospace research, highlighting in particular the research endeavors of the Illinois Tech community.

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Inorganic Fluoride Propellant Oxidizers Volume II. Effects Upon Microorganisms, Fish, and Plants

Author(s): Dost, Frank N.
Corporate Author: Oregon State University
Laboratory: Biomedical Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1968-11
Report Number: AMRL TR 66-187 Volume 2
full text unavailable

Phase Stability and Solution Strengtheninhg of Solid Solution Phase Titanium Alloys

Author(s): Collings, E. W.
Corporate Author: Battelle Memorial Institute
Laboratory: Air Force Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1968-07
Report Number: AFML TR 66-68
full text unavailable

Guidelines for Establishing Interior Noise Level Criteria for Air Force Aircraft

Author(s): Wafford, J. H.
Laboratory: Deputy for Engineering
Date of Publication: 1968-03
Report Number: SEG TR 67-57
full text unavailable

Comparative Studies of 90-Day Continuous Exposure to O3, NO2 and CCl4 at Reduced and Ambient Pressures

Author(s): MacEwan, J. D.
Corporate Author: Aerojet-General Corporation
Laboratory: Aerospace Medical Research Laboratories
Date of Publication: 1968-02
Report Number: AMRL TR 67-68
full text unavailable