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Phosphinoborine Polymers

Report Number: WADC TR 57-126 Part 4
Author: Wagner, Ross I.
Corporate Author: American Potash And Chemical Corp.
Date of Publication: 1960-08
Pages: 134
Contract: AF 33(616)-5435
AD Number: AD0248946

A series of preparations of linear dimethyl-, methylethyl- and diethylphos-phinoborine polymers were made to optimize experimental conditions. n-methyl-piperazine when used as an end-group for linear dimethylphosphinoborine polymers provided a fair yield of product which resembled polymers terminated with other end-groups. dimethylphosphinoborine trimer was prepared in good yield from dimethylphosphonium chloride and lithium borohydride and in low yield by dehydrohalogenation of dimethylphosphine chloroborine. an x-ray diffraction study of the dimethylphosphinoborine-methylphosphinoborine pentamer indicated the crystals to be of complex structure. the synthesis of phosphine intermediates by known methods has produced one new secondary phosphine and one new organophosphine derivative. n-dimethyl-b-trimethylborazene was synthesized both by dehydrohalogenation of a mixture of the methyldibromoborine adducts of methylamine and ammonia and by pyrolysis of a mixture of the trimethylborine adducts of methylamine and ammonia.

Agricultural Research Service Southern Region Research Center
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