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Micrometeorite Measurements from the Midas II Satellite (1960)

Report Number: AFCRL 1053
Author: Soberman, R. K.
Author: Lucca, L. Della
Corporate Author: Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories
Laboratory: Photochemistry Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1961-11
Pages: 15
Project: 7667
Task: 76046
AD Number: AD0268556

Five micrometeorite sensing devices were carried on board the Midas II (1960 ?1) satellite which was launced into an approximately 500-km circular equatorial orbit on 24 May 1960. The five devices consisted of three acoustic detectors and two wire-grid detectors. Data were obtained for four partial orbits. These data were recorded in real time. There were no breaks in the wire grids which could record impacts of particles larger than 10 microns. Sixty-seven impacts were recorded on the acoustic detectors which had a momentum threshold of 3x10^-4 gm cm sec^-1 and a total area of 0.0686 square meters. Thes results indicate a flux pf 0.25 m^-2sec^-1 of particles 5 microns in diameter or larger if one assumes a mean velocity of 15 km sec^-1 and a density of 3 gm cm^-3 for the particles. The discrepancy between acoustic and wire-grid data will be discussed. These results will be compared with those obtained from other stellite measurements.

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