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Investigation of Materials for Mechanical Transmission of Deflections at Elevated Temperatures

Report Number: ASD TDR 62-834
Author(s): Joseph S. Islinger and Edward L. McDowell
Corporate Author: Armour Research Foundation
Laboratory: Directorate of Engineering Test
Date of Publication: 1963-05
Pages: 68
Contract: AF 33(616)-8444
Project: 1347
Task: 134702
AD Number: AD0406945

Investigations were made of materials and methods for mechanically transmitting deflections from a structure under radiant heating to a trans ducer at room temperature. Transparent fused quartz rods were evaluated for expansion and thermal shock resistance. Rod growth was meas ured for such rods under several heating rates, with various exposed rod lengths and at tem peratures up to 2000 F. The growths enabled fairly accurate monitoring of static and cyclic displacements of a plate to which a transducer was connected through the quartz rod. High purity recrystallized alumina rods were eval uated for expansion and thermal shock resist ance. Rod growth was also measured under sev eral heating rates for a limited exposed length and at temperatures approaching 3000 F. The measured growths were considerably greater than those experienced by the quartz rods but not by a factor equivalent to the ratio of their thermal expansions. A successful means for attaching such rods to alumina structures capable of following static and cyclic displacements was developed.

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