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Inviscid and Viscous Hypersonic Nozzle Flow with Finite Rate Chemical Reactions

Report Number: AEDC TDR 63-18
Author: Levinsky, E. S.
Author: Brainerd, J. J.
Corporate Author: General Dynamics/Astronautics
Laboratory: Arnold Engineering Development Center
Date of Publication: 1963-01
Pages: 43
Contract: AF 40(600)-925
Project: 8952
Task: 895202
AD Number: AD0293448

Procedures are developed for determining he inviscid core and boundary layer development in diverging nozzles with high enthalpy reservoir conditions in which the gas composition has been displaced fro equilibrium by chemical relaxation. A finite difference procedure, based on h method of characteristics, is used for the inviscid flow wit finite rate chemical reactions. Laminar boundary layer profiles, based on local similarity, are ob ained by integrating the coupled boundary layer and chemical reaction equations outward from the nozzle wall. Free stream boundary conditions on the c emical pecie concentrations and the th r odynamic variables are satisfied by i rati g o the unknow concentrations and derivatives at the wall. Numerical calculations are pr se ted for the AEDC, VKF low density tunnel and the Convair hypersonic shock tunnel. Effects of chemical reactions in the boundary layer are restricted o the region in which the core flow has not yet frozen and in which the boundary layer is thin. When the boundary layer is thick enough to influence the core expansion, ga p ase reactions are frozen.

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