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Investigation of New Semiconductor Phenomenon

Report Number: AMRL TDR 63-117
Author: Knaell, K. K.
Author: Thurston, M. O.
Corporate Author: Ohio State University Research Foundation
Laboratory: Biophysics Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1964-06
Pages: 52
Contract: AF 33(616)-8384
Project: 7222
Task: 722203
AD Number: AD0604419

Certain silicon-grown junction transistors were dis covered which manifested unusually high short circuit current gains, h sub fe. The present investigation was made to determine the basic nature of this h sub fe and to develop an h sub fe transistor. Following several unsuccessful attempts at producing devices designed to display h sub fe, further measurements were made on already existing transistors. These measurements led to several observations unexplainable in the light of the original model; therefore, additional measurements were performed. These measurements gave more insight into the transistor and explained some of the characteristics of its behavior in terms of its high h sub fe. Attention was then concentrated on the physical structure of the transistor and experiments were performed to alter the structure in an attempt to learn the mechanism causing high h sub fe. Adsorbed moisture had a tremendously beneficial effect on the dynamic current gain of the device and the high h sub fe was a surface effect caused by this adsorbed moisture. Finally, a high-gain transistor was produced from a normal unit making use of this information. The amount of high gain of this transistor was variable within limits and the behavior appeared similar to that of the unusual units originally discovered.

RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine
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