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Reclamation Of Jp-6 Type Jet Fuels Which Became Thermally Unstable During Storage

Report Number: APL TDR 64-74
Author: Leas, Arnold M.
Corporate Author: Ashland Oil And Refining Co KY
Laboratory: AF Aero Propulsion Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1964-06
Pages: 121
Contract: AF 33(657)-11097
Project: 3048
Task: 304801
AD Number: AD0601984

The thermal stability of nineteen degraded JP-6 type jet fuels was improved to a level in excess of the present MIL-J25656B specification requirement by a filtration treatment. The improved thermal stability of these reclaimed fuels was retained for more than six months of ambient temperature storage. The ASTM-CRC Coker was used to measure thermal stability. The coker ratings could not be correlated quantitatively with the chemical and physical analyses because of the minute quantity of the contaminants. However, with the use of filter media these contaminants were concentrated sufficiently to show some degree of correlation with the coker ratings. Many of the additives present in these military fuels as well as those considered as possible future additives were moved in varying degress by reclamation filtration. The generation of static electricity, filter media life, process economics, and design variables were other parameters which were investigated.

Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control
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