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The Biochemical, Physiological, and Metabolic Evaluation of Human Subjects in a Life Support Systems Evaluator and on a Diet of Precooked Freeze Dehydrated Foods

Report Number: AMRL TR 67-12
Author: Katchman, Bernard J.
Author: Homer, George M.
Author: Murphy, James P. F.
Author: Dunco, Dorathea P.
Corporate Author: Miami Valley Hospital
Laboratory: Biomedical Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1967-07
Pages: 56
Contract: AF 33(657)-11716
Project: 7164
Task: 716405
AD Number: AD0658031

A 6-week study with four college students as volunteer subjects was conducted for the purpose of evaluating the water, caloric, and protein requirements of individuals undergoing stresses imposed by simulated aerospace conditions. The subjects were confined in a controlled activity facility for 2 weeks and in the Life Support Systems Evaluator for 4 weeks during which time they wore an unpressurized MA-10 pressure suit 8 hours each day for 14 consecutive days. A 3-day cycle diet of pre-cooked freeze dehydrated foods was served at room temperature and was comprised of about 105 g of protein, 328 g of carbohydrate, 89 g of fat, and 2600 kcal per day. The daily requirement of water was 2200 ml per man day of which 700 ml were consumed ad libitum. The diet was highly acceptable and efficiently utilized. Only minimal body weight changes were observed. The nutrient intake of the diet was adequate in that a 70 kg man was maintained without any weight loss. Metabolic balances show excellent adjustment to the diet; all subjects were in positive balance for nitrogen and for the major inorganic constituents. All the clinical data including heart rate, blood pressure, and oral temperature were in the normal ranges and no significant differences were observed due to confinement in the Life Support Systems Evaluator. All subjects maintained excellent health throughout all the test periods.

RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine
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