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Validation of USAF Stability and Control Datcom Methodologies for Straight-Tapered Sweptforward Wings

Report Number: AFWAL TR 84-3084
Author: Sharpes, Daniel G.
Corporate Author: Design Prediction Group
Laboratory: Flight Dynamics Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1985-07-01
Pages: 210
Contract: Laboratory Research - No Contract
Project: 2403
Task: 240305
AD Number: ADA161876

A detailed review of USAF Stability and Control Datcom methodologies was conducted to determine their validity for application to straight tapered, sweptforward wing configurations. To the extent possible the format found in the Datcom is repeated in this report. Several methods were modified to enable more accurate coefficient prediction (e.g., Wing Zero-Lift Angle of Attack, Downwash and Yawing Moment due to Yaw Rate) irrespective of sweep sign. At supersonic speeds, the reversibility theorem enabled most methodologies to be used without any modifications to account for sweptforward leading-edge designs. For the methodologies validated, sweptforward-wing estimation results were generally as accurate as the sweptback-wing results presented in the Datcom. Unfortunately, lack of test data prevented validation of several empirical methodologies (e.g., Subsonic High Angle-of-Attack Pitching Moment and Transonic Pitching Moment). No estimation methodologies are proposed in these cases.

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