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Flutter Characteristics of a T-Tail

Report Number: WADC TR 52-162
Author: Pengelley, G. E.
Author: Wilson, L. E.
Author: Epperson, T. B.
Author: Ransleben, G. E.
Corporate Author: Southwest Research Institute
Laboratory: Aircraft Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1954-11
Pages: 164
PB Number: PB132278
AD Number: AD0061591

A T-tail flutter model was designed, built and tested. Wind tunnel tests were conducted at the WADC 20 Foot Wind Tunnel. The stabilizer of the model could be located at six different positions on the fin: three different chordwise points at each of the different spawise stations. The stabilizer rocking frequency, fuselage side bending and torsional frequencies, and rudder rotational frequency could all be varied. Tests involving various combinations of these four degrees of freedom as well as fin bending and torsion were conducted for various stabilizer locations. The stabilizer could be replaced by streamlined weights which simulated the stabilizer in weight, yawing moment of inertia and center of gravity location but not in roll inertia. Theoretical flutter analyses were conducted for six different model configurations with the number of degrees of freedom involved ranging from two to four. No aspect ratio corrections were employed in the analyse.

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