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Maintaining Efficient Training Programs for Air Force Technical Specialties

Author(s): Carpenter, M. B.
Corporate Author: RAND Corporation
Corporate Report Number: R-527-PR
Date of Publication: 1970-09
Pages: 77
Contract: F44620-67-C-0045
Project: Project RAND
AD Number: AD0715903

The report identifies problems and shortcomings of Air Force training of technical specialists and suggests improvements. Suggestions include: (1) Translate the Job Inventory into training programs. (2) Using maintenance personnel data, determine what tasks are really done by whom. (3) Monitor courses for needed changes, deleting obsolete material as well as adding new material. (4) Pretest to prevent unneeded training. (5) Make courses practical rather than theoretical. (6) Teach the practical rules difficult to find in books. (7) Interview new instructors fresh from the field to find out what they actually did and what training is needed. (8) Use a cost-effectiveness analysis to determine training modes rationally. Most training costs may now be hidden in operating command budgets, since basic-course graduates are regarded as apprentices. (9) Modify personnel upgrading policies so some specialists can advance in their fields without supervising and training others. (10) Have 3-level men master some tasks. Sample documents of pneudraulics training are appended.

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