The goal of the Contrails project is to help preserve and disseminate the technical record of 20th century aerospace research, highlighting in particular the research endeavors of the Illinois Tech community.

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Information Systems for Space and Earth Science

Corporate Author: Information Systems Office
Date of Publication: 1987-01-01
full text by request

Durability of Continuous Fiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites

Author(s): Harmon, D. M.
Corporate Author: McDonnell Aircraft Company and Purdue University
Laboratory: Flight Dynamics Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1987-10-01
Report Number: AFWAL-TR-87-3060
full text by request

Kinetic Mechanisms for Ionization and Afterburning Suppression

Author(s): Weaver, D. P.
Corporate Author: Air Force Astronautics Laboratory
Laboratory: Air Force Astronautics Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1987-11-01
Report Number: AFAL TR 87-49
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Elevated Temperature Crack Growth Studies of Advanced Titanium Aluminides

Author(s): Venkataraman, Srivathsan
Corporate Author: Systran Corporation
Laboratory: Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1987-09-01
Report Number: AFWAL-TR-87-4103
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Traction Model Development

Author(s): McCool, J. I.
Corporate Author: MRC Bearings-SFK Aerospace
Date of Publication: 1987-09-01
Report Number: AFWAL TR 87-4079
full text by request

Modification of Lubricant Traction Measuring Device

Author(s): Sharma, Shashi K.
Corporate Author: Universal Energy System, Inc.
Date of Publication: 1987-01-01
Report Number: AFWAL TR 86-4031
full text by request

Engine Component Retirement for Cause: Volume I - Executive Summary

Author(s): Harris, John A., Jr.
Corporate Author: United Technologies Corporation
Laboratory: Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1987-08
Report Number: AFWAL-TR-87-4069 Volume I
full text by request

Wind Tunnel Tests of Elliptical Missile Body Configurations at Mach Numbers 0.4 to 0.5

Author(s): Shereda, Donald E.
Corporate Author: High Speed Aero Performance Branch, Aeromechanics Division
Date of Publication: 1987-12
Report Number: AFWAL TR 87-3088
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